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Batemans Bay Accommodation are the only boutique holiday property management specialist in the area, we are leading the way in Holiday Property Management in Batemans Bay and surrounding areas. We consider our service to be unique in its management approach compared to more traditional real estate agents, as our primary focus is to maximise our client’s income and optimise capital growth.

Our mission is simple, firstly to take the hassle free option

 Professional holiday property management is a specialised and highly skilled area of real estate that demands well qualified and experienced personal plus an effective and systemised approach to management.
Our role as accommodation managers and our obligation under agency law is to help you maintain the value of your property and increase your bookings. As a professional accommodation provider we strive to offer the best possible service and quality products to guests. Our focus is not only having guests in your property but also having an impeccable reputation for clean, well presented, quality properties and a high standard of service.

1.     We skillfully represent you 

2.     We will strive to maximise the return on your investment

3.     We will work towards optimising the capital growth on your investment

4.      We offer you boutique service from a boutique agency specialising in holiday property management

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Management Information

Here are just a few of the management services you will receive when you choose Batemans Bay Accommodation to manage your holiday investment property.

Advice regarding set up of property and achievable rates
Arrange professional photography/floorplan/video
Create and manage and provide property compendium for guest information
Working with the current soft wear for online bookings and payment’s 
Trust accounting soft wear providing the emailing of  a comprehensive monthly statement and end of financial year income and expenditure report
 Maintaining and updating a competitive website
Guests may book and pay instantly on our website
Regular email and phone communication
24/7 direct online booking service for owners and guests
Handling all property enquiries
Payment of cleaners and all tradespeople on your behalf
Securing all bookings for holiday properties
Arrival and departure support for all your guests
Managing guest surveys and reviews
Keeping you informed of any guest feedback or management suggestions to ensure your property is maintained
After hours emergency contact number
Routine inspections of your property
provide guest with key access information
Tariff reviews to ensure your property is priced correctly in the current market
Organise any required maintenance on your property on your behalf
Organise cleans on guest departure and annual maintenance cleaning
Keeping pictures and property information all up to date
Regular marketing to our guest data base
Take deposits to confirm bookings and secure dates
Ensure cleared funds for stay prior to arrival
Hold and manage credit card details as a security bond
Make claims against the bond where necessary
process in place to help the guest report maintenance issues, gas bottle reimbursement
Notify owners of bookings once deposit is received
Ensure guests understands and agrees to abide by booking terms
Provide booking confirmation and answer all guests requests prior to stay
Handling payment of all accounts related to your property
We offer the service of paying all gas, water and municipal rates on your behalf
EFT funds into your account
Always endeavouring to meet and exceed the requirements for you with prompt personalised service at all times
We do not offer a motel service